How to play praise music on the piano

Hi folks,

In this post I will discuss how to play pray praise music on the piano.  When I say praise music, I don’t mean just any praise music. Rather, I mean the hand clapping, toe tapping, foot stumping, finger snapping praise music. I am currently taking a course called Gospel Music 300, from Hear and Play where I am learning this technique.

There are 5 parts to praise music. They are parts A, B, C, D and E.

Part A consists of a base run on the left hand and some progressions on the right hand, all in the key of the song. So, if your song is in the key of A♭ major, then part A will be a base run and other progressions in the key of A♭.

Part B of praise songs consists of a base run and some other progressions on the 4th tone of the key of the song. So, if your song is in the key of A♭ major, then part B will be in the key of D&flat. since D♭ is the 4th tone of A♭ major scale.

There are many praise songs that use just part A and B. These are usually call-and-response type of songs where the singer or choir calls out something and the congregation responseds all in a rhythmic fashion.

songs that use parts A and B

God is a good God

Have you tried Jesus

Praise the lord everybody

I don’t know what you’ve come to do

I’m a soldier in the army of the lord

I get joy when I think what he’s done for me

What you know about Jesus

I’m not tired yet

If you call on Jesus (he will answer prayer)

Take the Lord with you (everywhere you go)

If you can’t tell it, let me tell it

Lay your hands on me Jesus

In part C we do a 7-3-6 progression. That is, we play a chord from the 7th tone of the key of the song, to the third tone, to the 6th tone. Then you can walk up from 3 to 5 by half tones. That is, 3, 4, ♭5, 5.

Songs that use parts C and D

Can’t nobody do me like Jesus

When I woke up this morning

Jesus is on the main line

Praise him praise him

I believe I testify

Bless that wonderful name of Jesus

One glad morning

Glory glory haleluya when I lay my burdens down

I’m on the battle field for my lord

Jesus I’ll never forget

I’m so glad Jesus lifted me

99 1/2 won’t do

Jesus getting us ready for that great day

Par E can be thought of as the vamp.

That is, it is a short passage of music that you repeat until the end of the song. Usually you focus on the 1 and 4 tones in part E.

Some songs that use just part E

Jesus Said It

What’s his name (Jesus)

My soul is a witness

Believe on me

I’ve come to praise his name

He’s been good

What a mighty God we serve

He’s the joy of my salvation

Jesus can work it out

He’s been good

Here are some songs that mix it up a bit:

What a mighty God we serve

Victory, victory shall be mine

Victory is mine

He’s the joy of my salvation