A Visit to Red Dog Saloon

Just earlier this evening I had the privilege of visiting an excellent  restaurant in the heart of Hoxton Square called Red Dog Saloon. I remember having a welcoming feeling as my colleagues and I approached the building with its bright lights. The interior was very cosy. Having made a reservation before arriving, we were met by a dashing young lady just by the entrance who took our details and aptly directed us to our table.

The place was packed. It was a average sized restaurant and just about every table was occupied. Voices of light chat could be heard from all directions as people talked very freely over a variety of dishes and drinks.

At the table, menus were already lying in wait alongside cutlery. So, naturally, we perused the menus as we settled down. Having looked at several menus in several restaurants in my time, I must say I was impressed with the wide variety Red Dog offered. They even had some very curiously named dishes like ‘The Punisher,’ ‘Double Trouble’ and ‘The Devastator’.  How cool is that? ‘Waiter, can I please have some Double Trouble?’

We were promptly attended by a waiter who took our orders for drinks, gave us ample time to peruse the menu and eventually took our orders for food. He was patient and polite in explaining what some of the dishes were when asked.

Our milkshakes were served in rather interesting metallic cups which looked like they had been specially kept in some freezer along with the shakes themselves. After considerable waiting, our orders eventually arrived, consisting of several plates of briskets and ribs among other things. Boy, Red Dog sure serves some delicious ribs! Needless to say, I haven’t tasted meat so good in ages. I got a helping of some mashed potatoes, again which tasted decent. These were very reminiscent of having a proper meal way back in Texas.

The only small criticism I and a colleague of mine had was that our orders weren’t delivered completely. However, the waiter rectified this and brought the remaining items after some time.

While enjoying ourselves, we took an ample number of pictures of the group as is the tradition when we go on outings. You know, something for the album.

After a very hearty meal, drinks and cool conversation we were ready to go. A waiter promptly took away our used dishes and happily offered to package some of our leftovers in case we wanted to take it away. Now, how cool is that? I, having a delicious brisket in front of me but very sated from the ribs eaten earlier, accepted the offer without hesitation.

By and large, Red Dog is an awesome restaurant to visit alone or with friends and family. The atmosphere is relaxing and the food is delicious. I can definitely see myself going there again in the near future.