How to create text outline in GIMP

In this article I will discuss how to create text in one colour outlined by text in another colour. This can be useful when adding text to images as it makes the text more readable. I will use GIMP 2.8 for this tutorial.

First, change to the text tool by pressing T and write the text you want to outline.

Then, with Text still selected, highlight the text to outline.

Right-click the text and click Path from Text. This will create a selection from the text’s outline.

Next, create a new layer by clicking the new layer icon in the Layers dialog and give it a suitable name like Text Outline.

Next, click Select > Grow. A Grow dialog will appear. Choose a reasonable scale, e.g. 4 – 5 px or any amount that looks good.

Pick a colour you will like to use for the outline.

Select the bucket tool and fill the selection with the outline colour.

De-select the selection by clicking Select > None or pressing Ctrl + Shift + A.

Finally move the new layer down below the text layer.


HOWTO outline text in GIMP – LinuxReviews.